WestAfrica24.com has laid it eyes on a Police Press Release statement which caution the general public on their exposure of their used recharge cards.

In a post made by a Facebook user, armed robbers are making use of these used cards in order to make it difficult for securities to trace them after they commit a crime.

He wrote:

This is to inform you that there is a new technique being used by robbers and other criminals to escape arrest abandon hijacked cars or where they dump the dead bodies of victims, they leave the already used cards at the scene or near the victims. When the police arrive, they use the scratch card’s serial number to track on which phone number it was loaded; and they start tracking the owner of the phone number as a suspect for that crime.
To be on the safe side, once you load airtime, make sure you destroy the card before you dispose it to avoid access of these undesirable elements. Kindly circulate for the safety of your loved ones.

We wish to share this to our readers and we advise that after using your recharge card, quickly tear it before dumping it elsewhere.

Source: WestAfrica24.com


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