/MzVee on why she is absent from the music scene for now. (Video)

MzVee on why she is absent from the music scene for now. (Video)

Lynx Entertainment artist MzVee revealed how she is absent Form the music scene for now and made it clear that it a move to concentrate on her books. She announced this in an interview with Joy News monitored by WestAfrica24.com.

According to the singer who put schooling on hold to concentrate on her music career, she’s gone back to school and will want to give it her best shot so she can complete.

MzVee mentioned that she knows her followers are eager to hear from her but she’s taking her time to prepare something big for them.

In 2016, she abandoned schooling at the Ghana Telecom University College in Accra.

Then in level 300, one of the reasons for taking that decision is that “lecturers mark me down” as they assume she does not have enough time for her education because of her career.

She moved on the urge fans to keep the love as she will take time to hit the studio for something great to them.

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