National Youth Authority, NYA, Launches “YouthConnekt”


The National Youth Authority, NYA has launched a youth concept dubbed ‘YouthConnekt, Ghana’ aimed at developing the creative potentials of the Ghanaian youth.

YouthConnekt, is a concept adopted from Rwanda, and is a platform which ‘connekt’ young people to role models, resources, knowledge and skills with a mindset of transformation, internships and employment opportunities.

The concept in Ghana is expected to be based on the interest of Ghanaian youth between the ages of 15 to 35 years, where exchange of ideas could be facilitated easily.

YouthConnekt Ghana also seeks to empower young people through the acquisition of relevant skills and training that would promote employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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NYA CEO, Emmanuel Sin-Nyet Asigri explained in his welcome address that the concept would create much platforms for knowledge sharing to enable the youth to integrate relevant practices in youth economic and civil empowerment to the existing initiatives.

He informed the launch that in 21st century, one of the main strategies for youth initiatives to survive was to build networks and unions that could bring about active youth and a strong voice.

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The CEO further pointed out that the YouthConnekt platform would work to create good environment for interested youth engagement and empowerment through advocacy.

The concept is also to reduce unemployment and under employment amongst the youth, promote active citizenship, inspire and prepare the youth to harness the demographic dividend.

Madam Rokya Ye Dieng, UNDP, Ag. Country Director, noted the youth are faced with some difficulties that affect their contributions to unemployment and under employment.

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She indicated that the 60% of the youth between the ages employment to the ages of 15 to 35 years were formerly employed in 2015 and is insignificant, looking at the number of youth in the country, and 40% are unemployed in Ghana.

Madam Ye Dieng noted that the youth in Ghana have amazing entrepreneur skills and innovative idea, but they find it difficult to access financial and technical support to realise these ideas.

Source: WestAfrica 24 / Paul Mamattah


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