/NDC Inaugurates Zongo Caucus In Sege-Ada

NDC Inaugurates Zongo Caucus In Sege-Ada

The Greater Accra Regional National Democratic Congress, NDC Zongo Caucus has inaugurated Sege-Ada Zongo Caucus working wing.

The nine (9) member wing was tasked to ensure voting pattern increased more than it was to help to catapult the John Dramani Mahama led NDC into power in 2020.

Addressing the gathering, the Deputy Greater Regional Zongo Caucus Cordinator, Alhaji Shadad Umar said the descerning Ghanaians have now realised the governing NPP came to deceive the people so they could milk Ghana dry at the expense of the poor for themselves and their families to enjoy.

“It is clear the NDC is for the Moslims and party for the poor/down trodden, therefore, all Moslims and those living in the Zongo communities must help to work hard to bring back the NDC party to power”, Alhaji said.

Adding, he averred that the difference between the NDC and NPP is clear for all to see; when the NDC is working to transform the country’s economy to gradually uplift the poor, the NPP is rather making the poor more poorer.

Inaugurating the working wing, a security expect and chairman of the day, Kwodjo Okeyere Darko (KOD) urged the wing to respect each other and work togather as one to enable them to achieve the purpose they were inaugurated.

He cautioned them against ‘back-biting, and the pull him down syndrome’ which has the tendency to bring sharp division amongst the members of the wing and entire constituency, and could affect the chances of the party in the area.

Ismaila Horoya Ali, the Greater Accra Regional Zongo Caucus Cordinator also urged the working wing not to do anything without consulting the Constituency Organiser under whom the Zongo Caucus operates.

Horoya explained that Zongo Caucus like the Youth Organisers operate under the leadership of the organiser from National, Regional down to the constituency level.

For this, he expects the constituency Zongo Caucus and the working wing to work hand-in-hand with the constituency to help bring back the NDC and JM to rescue Ghana from the substandard ruling NPP.

Sumaila Ibrahim, Sege Zongo Caucus Cordinator promised amongst others things to work hard with the newly inaugurated working wing to contribute in bringing back the NDC and former President Mahama back to power in 2021.

By: Delali K. Awuyeh