The Greater Accra Regional Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, Ismaila Ali aka Horoya has underscored the importance for the NDC to pay attention to the grassroot politics to increase votes in 2020 general elections.

According to him it behooves on the Branch, Constiruency and Regional as well as National Executives to rise to the occasion if they want the NDC to snatch power in 2020.

Speaking in an interview with, Horoya indicated that It appears most of his colleagues regional executives in the Greater Accra are not pulling their weight to achieve the target agenda of the party.

He said “after we campaigned vigorously for about three months promising the delegates of our outputs, we took the position and now engaged in completely different thing that has no relationship with the activities of the party”.

“Those regional executives who are doing this, always give flimsy excuses contrary to the oath of the offices they are occupying; that whether rain or shine we’ll respond to duty, but no”, he opined.

Horoya believes a number of this Greater Accra Regional NDC Executives are not up and doing to the cause of the NDC that wants to return to power in 2020; “actions of some this executives in the region is not helping the cause of the party”, Horoya hinted.

The Greater Accra Regional Zongo Caucus Coordinator, Horoya charged all the Zongo Caucus Coordinators at the various constituencies in the region to submitt their working plans he requested of them towards agenda 2020.

He added saying very soon, they will heat the grounds running, and only those whose documents are ready will be part of the working team since they are not going to wait for anybody whose actions could draw them back.

Horoya appeals with the Constituency executives to urge their Zongo Caucus Coordinators to prepare and submitt their documents with agenda 2020 in mind.

“Insha Allahu, with the documents, the upcoming 2020 general elections is a down deal for the NDC, hence everything must be done to make it come true”, he implored.

In a related development, Horoya appeals to all the Constituency Executives across the region to remain neutral in the coming primaries in their various areas so it could be easy for them to unite both winner and unfortunates within 24 hours.

This, he said everybody will be needed going into the anticipated crutial general elections in 2020, and not division.

Source: Edudzi Komla Amenuveve


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