NDC Primaries: Two civilians dressed in military uniform arrested at the Ningo Pampram poling station


Voting is currently ongoing peacefully in the Ningo-Prampram constituency amid heavy deployment of state security personel on the request of the incubent MP.

But a report that WestAfrica24.com has gathered has it that when voting started earlier in the day, two civilians who dressed in a military camouflage were whisked away by security personel manning the polling station.

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Speaking to the media at the polling ground, the imcubent MP, Hon. Sam George made the arrest of this two civilians known and also made it clear that that has been the only incident at the polling station.

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Hon. Sam George Nattey is being contested by his cousin who is the constituency chairman. His cousin revealed to the media that he is contesting the incubent MP all because of how he (Sam George) campaigned and funded his opponent in the previous constituency executive election.

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Source: WestAfrica24.com


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