NGO Schools Health Proffessional On ADR Reporting


DKT International, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that focus in family planning methods was in the Northern regional capital, Tamale to educate Pharmacists and other Health Professionals in the area of security features on Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) and how to report on it.

The programme which was under the theme: “The Pharmacovigilance Of Medicinal And Medical Devices, A Corporate Social Responsibility Of DKT International Inc”.

The programme was spearhead by the Assistance General Manager Mr. Adamu Abdulia.

The Assistant GM who was briefing the media shortly after the workshop in Tamale indicated that though some drugs maybe sanctified and approved by International Body and Food and Drug Authority for safer consumption, it may be harmful for others.

He posited that, it was a tactical decision approved by management of DKT International to train it’s suppliers on ADR following the assertion that some companies are only interested in the production of drugs and making profit without the accepted welfare of the consumer.

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Mr. Abdulai Adamu explained that a person can respond to any unstudied medicinal product accidentally that could lack efficiency of which the dosage can arise from.

He added that reporting on ADR would help DKT International to do more follow-up to identify the causes and most of the things that were not take into custody when manufacturing the drugs and also for safely monitoring of ADR.

“We at DKT International accepted that some medicine have some qualities of side effect and unlikable response to some individuals, and it is our duties to monitor and find what are the origin and a possible way out and taking appropriate regulatory action even if the medications are not from them”, Mr. Abdulia expressed.

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The campaign targets Midwives, Pharmacists, hospitals, Clinics, and the entire Chemical shop owners to furnish them with the knowledge on how to report on ADR appropriately and any other reaction for quick responses.

He said “this programmed is exactly what we needed indeed, our lives are at risk when taken some medication because we never read instructions on the leaf let to understand the drugs we are consuming and we are aware that some people cannot read and write that is the more reason we are educating you to give an instruction when you are over the counter”.

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The Pharmaco-vigilant specialist, Adamu Abdulai added that their activities was to avoid harm from the use of any medicinal products and to increase the benefit effect while reducing blood toxicity and capture any untoward medicine early to prevent damage.

DKT International is one of the best when it come to the productions of medications and modern contraceptive drugs in the Ghanaian market.

He mentioned that it was safer and healthier to consumed any product of DKT because the entire necessary test carried by Food and Drug Board (FDB) and have the good qualities of drugs for public consumption.

By: Jemila Wahab


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