Nii Oblie Clears Air On Call In GaDangmes To Support Nii Teiko Tsuru


A nominee for the Ga Mantse Stool from Abola Piam We, Nii Tackie Oblie II, alias Nii Tamale, has debunked allegation making rounds that he has urged GaDangmes to throw their support behind Nii Teiko Tsuru II also known as Kelvin, who is also laying claim to the throne.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter in Accra over the wewkend, Nii Oblie II, said though he held a unity meeting with Nii Teiko Tsuru II, recently, he at no point called on Ga GaDangmes to support Nii Teiko Tsuru.

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According to him, the said unity talks meeting was arranged by Nii Teiko Tsuru ll himself to find lasting solution to the chieftaincy dispute in the Ga State.

“That meeting was held on Monday, 11th November, 2019 at the residence of Nii Tackie Oblie lI, where we both agreed that a lasting solution must be found to the protracted Ga chieftaincy dispute” he said.

“It was not a call on GaDangme indigenes to unite behind Nii Teiko Tsuru lI,” he added.

The statement indicated that Nii Tackie Oblie II does not have the capacity to mobilise Ga-Dangbe indigenes to support Nii Teiko Tsuru ll because he was equally a nominee for the Ga Mantse Stool.

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“What I [Nii Tackie Oblie II] said during the meeting was that all the claimants to the Ga Mantse Stool are wasting their time and financial resources on kingmakers and lawyers in order to become Ga Mantse,” the statement noted.

Nii Tackie Oblie II, stated that time and financial resources that are being invested by the claimants to the Ga Mantse Stool should rather be invested in the future of GaDangme indigenes and Ga Mashie.

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Recently, it was reported in the media that GaDangme indigenes have thrown their support behind Nii Teiko Tsuru II, for the development of Ga state.

This was followed with the unity talks between Nii Oblie II, and Nii Teiko Tsuru II, when it was reported that he Nii Tackie Oblie II, urged GaDangmes to rally behind the latter for the betterment of the Ga State.


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