NPP man educates Ghanaians about the Ofori Atta dynasty in NPP governments


A young NPP man, Nana Yaw Okyere has taken his time to research and come up with a very comprehensive findings about the Ofori Attas in Ghana’s politics. Nana Yaw who is the Director of Research, University of Ghana City Campus TESCON made the post on his facebook timeline earlier today.

Nana Yaw’s post came after the NDC released 51 names of families and friends of president Akufo Addo who are all in government and the Ofori Attas are no exceptions.

Below is the educative piece written by the NPP TESCON (UG City Campus) of

(1). Nana Sir Ofori Atta, creator of the Ofori Atta dynasty, was the Okyenhene from 1912 to 1943. He was the Second Black Man(Ghanaian) to be a member of the legislative council to represent the Gold. Coast in 1916.

i). He was the brother of Dr J. B. Danquah (a founder of the United Gold Coast Convention) and Presidential Aspirant in 1960.

ii). He was the father of Aaron Ofori-Atta (a Minister of Communications, Minister of Local Government, and Speaker of Parliament under Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP Government.)

iii). William Ofori Atta (a Minister of Foreign Affairs under President K.A Busia and the Presidential Candidate of the UNC in the 1979 elections)

iv). Dr Akwasi Amoako-Atta (Governor of Bank of Ghana and Minister of Finance in the First Republic)

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v). Dr Jones Ofori-Atta (He was a lecturer in Economics at the University of Ghana and the deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Planning in the Busia government.)

vi). Dr.Susan Ofori-Atta (She was the first Ghanaian woman and fourth West African woman to earn a university degree.Dr.Susan Ofori-Atta was also the third West African woman to become a physician)

vii). He was also the father of Adelaide Ofori Atta(Later Adelaide Akufo Addo, was a First Lady in the second republic of Ghana as the wife of Edward Akufo-Addo and mother of Ghanaian president Nana Akufo-Addo.)

The Ofori Atta’s have been functional and continue to be functional in Ghana’s Politics through the hardworking of Nana Sir Ofori Atta.

The above persons’ details

Nana Sir Ofori-Atta created the Ofori-Atta dynasty by privileging education both amongst his sons and daughters, through two paths, “one firmly rooted in a concern for binding the state by the traditionally sanctioned method of multiple marriage and the other rooted in his strong case for ‘modernisation’ and ‘progress’.”

The Ofori Atta’s have proven beyond doubt to be one of the most successful families in Ghana in every aspect of life including Politics/Governance.

JB Dankwa, The Doyen of Ghanaian politics, was a member of the first political party in Ghana, The UGCC.
JB, was once a Flagbearer for the UGCC.He was a member of the BIG SIX. Was he given that Social Status because of his relationship with Nana Addo?

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William Ofori Atta,member of UGCC, was a minister of foreign affairs in the second republic headed by Dr.K.Abrefa Busia. He doubled as a member of the BIG SIX and was the flagbearer for the ANC in the 1979 elections.He is the uncle of Nana Akufo Addo. Was he appointed because he was a relative of Akufo-Addo?

Aaron Ofori Atta, Former Minister for Local government under the Nkrumah Led CPP government, was the member of Parliament for Akyem Abuakwa Central in the first Republic.He served as a speaker of Parliament and chief Justice all in the Nkrumah led CPP government.
He is the Uncle of Nana Akufo Addo . I guess Nkrumah appointed him because he was relative of Akufo-Addo.

Dr.Akwasi Amoako Atta, was once the Governed for the Bank of Ghana from 1960 to 1964 in the Nkrumah led CPP government. He is the father of the current minister of Roads and highways, Hon.Akwasi Amoako Atta.He is the uncle of Nana Akufo Addo. Maybe, he was also appointed by Nkrumah because he was called Ofori-Atta.

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Dr.Jones Ofori Atta, Deputy Minister Of Finance and Economic Planning on the PNP Third Republic headed by Dr.Hilla Liman.He is also the father of the current minister of Finance and economic planning, Hon.Kenneth Ofori Atta.

Dr.Susana Ofori Atta,The first Female Doctor in Ghana and the third in west Africa. She was the first head girl of Achimota School and the first Ghana to Receive the Holy Cross Award from Pope John Paul in 1980 for her hard work as a doctor who offered free treatment to the less privileged. I guess she achieved those heights because she was related to Akufo-Addo.

With this few points enumerated, Don’t be surprised when you see the Name Ofori Atta surfacing again in Ghanaian politics/government.

Don’t Fall for the lies and propaganda of the NDC against Nana Addo and the Ofori Atta’s.

The constitution mandates The president to appoint more than 50% of his Ministers from Parliament . Hon.Amoako Atta is an MP and so is Hon.Atta Kyea.

We the youth of Ghana thank Nana Addo for implementing Free SHS at this crucial hour to help educate every Child at the High School going age.
Nana Yaw Okyere
Research Director
University of Ghana Accra City Campus TESCON




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