The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Mr. Emmanuel Sin-nyet Asigri has been spearheading the affairs of one of the country’s critical agencies in youth development, the National Youth Authority for close to three years without the requisite qualifications.

The downward trend experienced under Mr Asigri’s tenure as CEO of the authority can be directly linked to his inability to implement drawn programs and also collaborate with stakeholders and donor partners to positively impact the youth in Ghana.

Mr Asigri, whose CV is in possession of this paper has Diploma in Graphic Design from Ghanatta College of Arts and Design in Accra as his highest qualification, he also hold a certificate from a two months Management and Administration program he pursued at GIMPA in 2015.

Per the scheme of service of the National Youth Authority, a CEO must possess not less a degree from a recognised University.

Further probe by this paper on Mr Asigri’s academic credentials revealed the school he claimed to have pursued his diploma in graphic designing course (Ghanatta College of Art and Design) is not accredited and thus was listed among the 2015 unaccredited tertiary institutions by the National Accreditation Board, rendering Mr Asigri’s highest certificate useless.

Heads of State Agencies such as the National Youth Authority must have at least a first Degree in a relevant field. Mr. Asigri, however does not even possess a Higher National Diploma (HND). His highest level of academic pursuit is a diploma from a non-accredited private Arts and Design school which has since been closed down.

Whereas the Board headed by 26 years old Francisca Oteng -Mensah MP for Kwabre East and otherr top management members of the NYA remained tight-lipped o this worrying development, some junior staff who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed their worries over Mr Asigri’s lack of understanding of basic managerial skills.

One Mr Ibrahim Ofori of Danfa, a suburb of Accra has petitioned the Director of the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the Minister of Youth and Sports Hon Isaac Asiamah over Mr Asigri’s ineligibility of occupy the office of the CEO of the National Youth Authority.

The petition, which this paper has a copy, corroborated issues regarding Mr Asigri’s academic credentials whiles stressing on some corrupt acts, abuse of office and disregard of procurement processes at the NYA.

The Minister whose Ministry the Authority reports to has received a copy of the petition but has since failed to act. Sources say the embattled CEO is his ally, hence his failure to take any punitive measures.



  1. Am sorry for whosoever is behind this plot to destroy the CEO of NYA.

    “Who qualifies to be CEO of NYA.”. Why are many so engrossed and obsessed with academic qualification? What has become of this country with all the Universities and it’s professors, whose names carry letters? Let those clamoring academic titles to be CEO be edified that youth development work in its current emergence is a multidisciplinary profession that defies the perspective of the orchestration in context. // How many universities don’t we have as a country? How many professors and circles of academia are not in vogue in Ghana? Yet, where are we, as a nation?. I would have been pleased if the orchestrators had pinpointed examples of inability to be CEO rather than a puerile argument of qualification


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