Odoley Is Needed Most – La People


The Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate for La Dadekotopon Constituency of National Democratic Congress, NDC, Ms. Rita Odoley Sowah believes it’s time for her to represent the area in Parliament.

She said this after she had gone through the vetting process successfully to become the next parliamentary candidate for the La Dadekotopon Constituency on the ticket of the NDC which qualifies her to contest for the Parliamentary in La Dadekotopon Constituency.

Ms. Odoley Sowah indicated that she had been tried and tested and that her track records spoke for her.

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“I believe is a season for women and I trust that the men will support me to make sure I win the primaries and win the seat during the national elections,” She stated.

“With La Dadekotopon we’ve had six men in a role as MP’s and I believe it is time for us to support a woman to lead the people of La. I will make sure as a mother I will bring everybody on board to make sure we celebrate La Dadekotopon and Ghana as a whole.” She added.

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Ms. Odoley Sowah indicated with the experience she has gained as a former Municipal Chief Executive Officer of the area, she will be able to lobby for more projects for the Constituency when given the nod.

She reiterated that she has availed herself to the constituents over time, a development she is confident has endeared her to the hears of the people of La.

Ms. Odoley Sowah pointed out that as a unifier, she will bring all forces together with an open heart and arm for the NDC to recapture the seat from the ‘deceit’ NPP.

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She added that when she gets the nod as MP, she would empowerment the women and the youth through their wards to enable them to create jobs for themselves.

Ms. Rita Odoley Sowah assured delegates of her commitment to support the party and to unite the party in the La Dadekotopon Constituency at all levels.

By: Paul Mamattah


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