One person confirmed dead after a vehicle run into drinking spot.


A Toyota Highlander run into a drinking spot near Effiduase traffic light killing one person and four others sustaining severe injuries. The accident happened in the New Juabeng North Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The accident occurred on Sunday evening when the break of the vehicle is said to have failed, forcing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, and in the process run into street hawkers and the drinking spot.

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Speaking in an interview with Adom News‘ Kwasi Azor, some witnesses at the scene disclosed they spotted the Toyota Highlander with registration number GR 9275-12 on top speed from a distance but it suddenly veered into the place causing damages.

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“Some of us had to run for our lives upon seeing the vehicle approach, but unfortunately those affected were busily drinking and could not notice the vehicle. It then run into them killing one instantly and injuring others.”

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