There is uneasy cloud of tension at Lower Dixcove in the Ahanta West Municipality as reports reaching has it that the Paramount Chief of the area, Nana Kwasi Agyemang, is reportedly stripped naked and abducted by unidentified men who used explosive to break the gate of the compound.

One of the chief’s relative was quoted as saying that the assailants used dynamite to destroy the heavily built gate leading to his house which gave them access to carry out their criminal operations.

The operation which started around 2am Monday, July 22nd lasted for a little over 30 mins.

Power in the town is reportedly affected as the transformer was blown up by the men who assaulted the chief.

Distress calls made to the Agona-Nkwanta and other security agencies could not yield any results at the time, but the police later discovered him at the camp of the assailants.

It is unclear the cause of the attack and what are the big names that mastermind the attack. Could it be that the chief is a target of another Yaa Naa-like assasination?


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