A 29-year-old Daniel Abisah who is a pastor of Adom power ministry has been arrested by Asunafo south district police for allegedly r@pinv three of his Church members.

According to District Police Commander, ASP Lawrence the pastor arrived at Akrodie on July 22, 2019 and started a crusade which attracted a large crowd of worshipers including the three victims aged between 19 and 20

MyNewsGH has reported Tha, the pastor on separate occasions during the open air crusade told each of his victims a bizarre life story that put fear into them to follow him to either his house or the guest house he first lodged.

To his first victim aged 19, he said her grandmother put on her waist a spiritual bead which is hindering her progress in life and hard to find a husband.

This he ordered her to come to him wearing a straight dress for him to exorcise her but ended up having sexual intercourse with her and threatened that if she tells anybody he would write her name on a candle, have it burnt and she will die.

The second victim who needed child birth was deceived by the pastor that the one who bathed her as a baby inserted some bad omen into her womb making it difficult for her to have a child.

The third victim was also deceived that her uncle slept with her and her aunty, this she has to undergo purification to safe guard her future.

According to the Asunafo South District police commander, ASP, Mr Lawrence Adombire, it is believed the suspect had succeeded in luring more women into these mess but it is embarrassing for some to come forward to report.

The suspect has been taken to custody and will be arraigned to face the law for his actions, the police commander has said.


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