The exact place where the gory motor accident that claimed the life of the popular Dj Arafat happened is the same place that hosts another motor accident on the day of Arafat’s funeral in the capital, Abidjan.

According to photos available to your favourite, the accident involved two vehicles, one saloon car and a mini truck. It is not known yet if the occupants of the vehicles are severely wounded.

The weird thing here is why another accident happened just exactly at the scene where Dj Arafat had his accident and subsequently died the follwing day in a hospital and also, on the first day of Dj Arafat’s funeral.

Dj Arafat’s funeral is currently going on with 57 popular musicians from billed from Ivory Coast and other countries to perform to more than 100,000 fans in a stadium in the capital, Abidjan.

Ahead of the funeral, the Ivorian government deployed more than 6000 police and military personnel to provide security at the three locations of the funeral service. Also, the road leading to the cemetery where Arafat will be finally buried has also been well reconstructed with bitumen surface.

Below is the image of the accident scene;



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