A service at the Keigamere Seventh Day Adventist church was disrupted after choir members started trading blows.

The choir members started tussling after they disagreed on how to share Ksh 10,000 that had been donated by eight members of parliament.

According to The Standard, the MPs had attended the service that had been organised as a fundraising ceremony.

After the choir performed, the MPs noted that the ladies were not wearing head scarfs and decide to contribute for the same.

This was the source of all trouble as the women took at each other for a share of the Ksh10,000 forcing the service to be halted for a while.

Church elders tried to intervene to rescue the situation but all was in vain, as the ladies were determined to get some of the money.

In a related story, members of Nairobi Central Maxwell church were forced to flee for their lives after violence erupted during their service, on Saturday.

This was the second time in under a week that normal proceedings had been disrupted at the popular church.

GSU and Flying Squad officers were called in to take control of the situation that had gotten out of hand.

Flying Squad chief, Musa Yego, who was among the senior officers called in to handle the matter, threatened to have all parties arrested and locked up if the clashes didn’t stop immediately.

Check the photos below;


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