Police personnel in tamale, Northern Region have launched a manhunt for a gang of armed robbers who robbed drivers and passengers of their belongings and near Sarikyikura on the Tamale-Buipe highway in the Northern Region of Ghana.

According to a police source, five persons sustained gunshot wounds and are receiving treatment at the Tamale Teaching hospital.

The police also confirmed that the armed robbers also shot into the vehicle of the Deputy Minister for Education, Hon. Dr. Osei Adutum who was at the time traveling from Bolga to Kumasi but luckily for him, he escaped unhurt.

The incident happened on July 22, at about 5:30pm and when the highway patrol team of the police was called in, the suspects escape into the nearby bushes as soon as they saw police arrive at the scene.

According to the victims, the suspects numbered about seven all dressed in military-like uniforms with each of them wielding a weapon.

They fired indiscriminately at a cargo truck travelling from Buipe market to Damango with the passengers on board injuring five person in the process.

Police in the region is conducting serious investigation into the incident and therefore calling on the public to assist with the information that can lead to the arrest of these armed robbers.

Read Full Police Statement Here:


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