Prophet Badu Kobi finally replies protestors


Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International is unfazed about pressure on him to apologise for making comments some deemed tribalistic.

“I’m an institution more than Ghana; no one can stop me with God by my side,” he stated while addressing his congregation, Sunday.

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He maintained his comments that “Asante women are greedy, Fante women are foolish, and Ewe women are like doormats” were “facts” therefore “will not apologise for speaking the truth.”

Prophet Kobi’s latest comment is a subtle response to protesters who matched to his church Sunday morning demanding he retracts and apologises for the supposed ethnocentric comment.

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But, the man of God, while delivering a sermon, described the protest against him as a waste of time.

“Instead of you [protesters] coming for prophecies, you are rather making noise. I don’t care if Ghanaians don’t understand me; we understand ourselves,” he scoffed.

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Prophet Kobi thanked his congregants for supporting him in such trying times and urged them to be steadfast “for the difficult times ahead.”



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