The Queen Mother of Kwabenya, Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II, has appealed to the government to return unused lands belonging to the Ga State back to its rightful owners.

She noted that most of the Ga State lands had been transfered to private businesses and individuals instead of giving them back to the original owners.

Speaking in an interview with at Kwabenya a suburb of Accra, the Queen Mother cited an example of Kwabenya lands belonging to the Nii Odai Ntow and Abbey families whose large acres of land were acquired by the state without compensating the two families.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II therefore called on the Ga Traditional Council to meet with government to comoensate the Ga State for the large tracts of land acquired by the state.

Touching on Chieftaincy disputes in the Greater Accra region, she said the act of installing illegitimate people as Chiefs is breeding confusion and deaths in various communities and for that matter, there is the need for government to intervene. She called all those involved in such acts to desist from it.

“Every Ga citizen is worried about the conflict caused by the installation of two Chiefs in some of the Ga State,” she added.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II expressed the hope that residents would settle their differences and focus more on moving the Ga State forward.

She expressed concern over the unlawful acts of land guards whom are believed to have been hired by some traditional rulers to intimidate people who have rightfully purchased the lands.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II also commended the Chiefs and people of Gamashie for ensuring a peaceful celebration of this year’s Homowo.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II called for love and unity among the people, particularly the Chiefs of the Ga State.

“Let us put the past behind us and love one another. The strength of the broom lies in its togetherness and so are we as a people. Unity is strength and it is the surest way to build the Ga State” she indicated.




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