Rapper Sarkodie inspires the youths with his throwback photos.


There are so many things one can draw inspiration from. Some are inspired by music, motivational quotes and speeches, nature or just listening to someone’s success story.

In this dispensation of ours, depression and stress are killers to human growth and wellbeing. Therefore, getting inspired once in a blue is an antibiotic that strengthens our emotional beingSarkodie has been on the forefront of inspiring, advising and motivating the youth who listen to his music. He has garner a lot of fan base and support primarily due to his highly decorous diction and lyrics he uses in his rap music.

Songs like ‘Adonai’ drew many closer to God, ‘Hope’ gave his fans a lot to hope for and now his throwback pictures have given all and sundry whose lives are currently in a quagmire, a reason to rise and get going. Michael Owusu Addo who is currently one of the valuable musician on the continent alongside Wizkid, Davido and Diamondz Platinum did not have a rosy start.

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Stories are told of how he had to endure severe maltreatment in his childhood which forced him to leave home and be on the streets. His love for rap and his dexterity on the microphone was his bargaining power. Sarkodie together with other musicians in Ghana who wanted to venture into the commercialisation of the rap music with no financial and technical support had to rely on the benevolence of relatives and hugely on the platform Duncan Williams who hosted ‘Kasahari’ on Adom FM, a local radio station at that time offered. Sarkodie’s rise to prominence and stardom began slowly and steadily. He was demotivated on countless occasions when he was told no one makes money out of simply rapping in Twi. He was advised to make a switch to the use of English in his rap if he really wanted to make it to the top.

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Unperturbed as he has also been, he developed a tough skin to shield himself agains derogatory comments and vicious suggestions that did not bring out the best in him. After posting these pictures on his Twitter timeline, he had received several reactions from his fans and Twitter users on how the have been inspired. These comments tend to lift the respect Ghanaians have for Sarkodie and how he has carried himself about. Sarkodie always speaks of personal branding and excellence and his lifestyle is considered by many as a perfect example to the youth. Though other musicians have similar rocky starts, the same cannot be said of the influence their lives have had on the youths.

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