/Security Personnel Threatens School Teachers Over CSE

Security Personnel Threatens School Teachers Over CSE

The Parent Teacher Association PTA meeting at the Flagstaff House Basic School in Accra turns into boxing ring as parent and teacher trade blows over Comprehensive Sexuality Education CSE.

Parents who were in full attendance posed numerous questions to the school’s teachers present demanding to know the kind of training they were sent to do.

Teachers during the PTA meeting informed the gathering that government sent them for a training on the new curriculum which did not go down well with the parents demanding the full disclosure of the training.

The meeting which was attended by both civilian and security personnel whose children attend the school could not understand why the school authority can’t explained the type of training given the teachers.

But both parents warned the school of any attempt to teach the children CSE would be met with stiff opposition.

Parents at the meeting openly condemned government attempt to destroy the culture of the country.

Some security personnel who were at the meeting could not hide their frustration but warned that an attempt to teach their children such practice would teach the teachers some lessons in their lives.

Some of the teachers whose names withheld confirmed of been training in CSE.

Source: WestAfrica24.com