/SHOCKING–33-year-old father killed baby hours after birth.

SHOCKING–33-year-old father killed baby hours after birth.

Police in Akatsi have arrested a 33-year-old man at a village called Bekpo located in the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region for allegedly killing a baby girl hours after she was given birth to, by his wife.

The man whose name is given Amidu Ibrahim was arrested after the wife Sumanu Ladi, 28, reported the incident to the Akatsi Police.

Chief Superintendent, Joseph Dzineku, Akatsi South District Commander of Police, told the GNA that Sumanu Ladi came to the charge office and reported that she gave birth to a baby girl at Bekpo, Sunday, August 25, at about 2000 hours and that around 0100 hours the next day, August 26, her husband, Amidu Ibrahim came for the child and killed her.

Mr Dzineku said the couple lived together until the woman took seed and decided to go and give birth with her parents in Benin.

He said two years later, Ibrahim followed his wife to Benin and realised that she gave birth to a boy and was pregnant again for another person but decided to bring them back to Ghana.

The police said, exactly two months after both had returned from Benin to reside in Bekpo, a suburb of Akatsi, Sumani Ladi gave birth to a baby girl.

The GNA was told just hours after the delivery, Sumani noted that the suspect came for the baby and when asked where he was taking the baby to, he was mute and vanished compelling his wife to raise alarm for help.

Mr Dzineku said residents in the village quickly embarked on a search and caught Ibrahim at a hideout.

He said during interrogation by the residents, Ibrahim allegedly said he was only interested in the wife and not the new baby and later led them to where he dumped the dead body of the baby.

Mr Dzineku said when the police got to the scene of the murder, the baby’s left arm was chopped off and the left side of the head slashed with a sharp cutlass.

He said Ibrahim agreed to committing the crime and was kept in police custody for further investigation.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been deposited at the St. Paul’s mortuary at Akatsi for preservation and autopsy.

Source: GNA