There was a mix reaction on Facebook when a photo of a young man with the breast of a dog locked in his mouth pops online, can exclusively report.

The man in the photo lie down as well as the dog before sucking the breast of the dog. The man also has a condom on sight as he enjoy the dog’s breast.

It is not yet clear what the man’s intentions are. With condom on sight, it might be that he intends having canal knowledge of the animal, something which is illegal. Or he did it just for the camera or The social media likes, comments or shares.

The photo has since drawn condemnations from facebook users with some of them hauling insults at the young man whom they might not even know.

Some say he will do that and get diseases and later come on Facebook to appeal for fund to help treat his sickness.

Check the hilarious photo below;

Check some comments made about the photo;



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