/The Story Of NABCO

The Story Of NABCO

First they said it was an impossibility for a scheme to be established to create employment for 100,000 unemployed graduates.

Then when it was launched a year ago, they said it was not to move beyond three months.

And when trainees of NABCO were placed to Agencies to start their training, they alleged it was a decoy.

And when that was done and trainees started receiving their stipends they quickly change the naration to ‘it can not be sustained’

At every stage of the life of the NABCO, the naysayers had reasons to doubt that it will succeed.

Some of their reasons were not only spurious but looked similar to that of the tales in Alice in Wonderland.

One year on, the prolific doomsayers are now asking when Nabco will next recruit?

Why do you want to know when the NABCO will recruit?

Certainly they have now accepted that the scheme was not a myth neither was it a fairy tale. And now want they and their dependants to take advantage of the scheme.

It is operational and the trainees are very happy that, the government of the NPP has given them the golden opportunity to graduate from terminal unemployment to NABCO which is not only providing them on the job skills but also a stipend to contend with whilst hoping for anothrt bright opportunity.

It is to be understood that every new project comes with both excitement and challenges. The ability to put measures in place to deal with potential and chronic challenges is what determines the future of a new project.

Did the government or Managers of the NABCO say the scheme was not to be without the usual implementation challenges in the first place? The answer is a big No.

I am a follower of the NABCO and I can say that 98% of the challenges facing NABCO are more of the problems of the Trainees than it is of the Managers of the scheme.

The good news is that, at every stage the management of the NABCO have always directed beneficiaries to where they can get redress or fix their challenges and this is a great novelty worthy of praise.

The case of threats to demonstrate by alleged trainees of the scheme has come up in the past. It eventually always ends up being the handiwork of saboteurs of the NABCO; both from within and from without the NPP.

To the beneficiaries of the scheme with the penchant to threaten Demonstrations, be informed that any form of employment is better than unemployment. Endeavour to always use the internal grievance procedures to address your concerns. That is what is done in Corporate Ghana.

And to those within the NPP and government who have never gotten short of words to lament about non existent problems of the NABCO in some cases, be told that, when you are sitting of the branch of a tree you don’t cut it.

You certainly can not be sitting on the branch of a tree and not fall after cutting it. A word to the wise is enough.

And to the CEO of the NABCO Dr Ibrahim Anyars Imoro also know as Barihama, I commend him highly. He has the extreme patience and tolerance to handle the project and he has so far excelled.

He is not a bully like some CEOs or appointees of the government. He is not arrogant and he understands that NABCO is an opportunity for him to contribute his quota to the success of the NPP government and service to Mother Ghana. And he is just doing that.

Keep your commitment and burning desire to see the NABCO succeed up my brother.

To all the staff at the NABCO, from the security man to the cleaner and to management well done.

Keep up your good works to the people with patience and tolerance.

I wish you a very happy 1st anniversary festivities.
Very best.

By: Akilu Sayibu
Tamale North