/Thieves Settle On Sakumono Beach Litter Bins

Thieves Settle On Sakumono Beach Litter Bins

Thieves have begun stealing litter bins placed at the Sakumono Beach as a component of an initiative to reduce pollution of the marine environment, to the surprise of the general public.

The unfortunate development comes as a major hindrance to the laudable initiative aimed at reducing the increasing filth at the country’s coastline.

Costal Conservancy Organisation, CCO, a coastal cleaning organisation sponsored by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority in about two months a go launched the initiative to cleanup Ghana’s beach front through the engagement of volunteers who will clean the beaches on daily basis and are pains some allowance monthly.

The first face of the initiative which focuses on Tema has commenced with the location of several litter bins at the Sakumono Beach, a notable tourism hub in Tema.

Less than a week after putting them, some of the bins which were fastened to concrete platforms with bolt and knots have surprisingly been removed by unknown persons.

This is after people collect rubbish from their homes and dump them in bins meant for only petty litters.

WestAfrica24.com monitoring visit to find out how the initiative is fairing met the Chairman of the CCO, Justice Eshun who lamented the removal of some of the bins to their surprise.

The development he said defeats the very purpose of making Ghana’s beaches clean to boost tourism and generate more revenue for the country.

Mr. Eshun appealed to the general public, especially residents of Tema and Sakumono areas to help safeguard the litter bins by confronting anyone they see engaging in such anti-social behaviour.

Responding to a question regarding why they have begun with the Sakumono Beach, Mr. Eshun said considering the volume of rubbish families and revellers generate at beach on occasions, it it only prudent to begin from there.

The intent which according to him includes putting up a toilet facility and greed the beach he intimated is to boost the tourism potential of the place by keeping it clean at all times.

WestAfrica24.com will keep an eye on the laudable initiative and keep readers updated.

By: Edward Tetteh