Three Aspirants To Contest Ayawaso East Parliamentary Primaries


Three qualified National Democratic Congress, NDC, aspirants in the Ayawaso East Constituency of have picked nomination forms to offer themselves for the position of Parliamentary Candidate, PC.

Two strong able party members offered themselves to contest the incumbent MP for the highly competitive PC position in the area to bring what they described as real development.

Source close to indicated that, one of the aspirants, Kwadwo Ocherey Darko (KOD), ADR Lawyer, Security expert and business man, stands tall among his colleagues aspirants following his rich and centred agenda for the branches and the grassroots.

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They further desclosed KOD has as part of his agenda grooming of the youth across the constituency irrespective of their religious denominations so they could take over leadership positions from those who age is fast catching up with them and having health issues.

Adding, the KOD camp hinted it’s part of their social agenda to ensure the women in the constituency are also brought to the front line politic and decision making process so they could even become MP just as in other constituencies.

The Hon. MP, Mc Naza Mahama Toure, a business tycoon and Dr. Yakubu Azidow, a Political Science Lecturer at the Masachussette University in USA, both also have their own set of varied agendas for the grassroots.

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All the aspirants are capable of retaining the seat for the NDC in 2020 general elections. But the issue has to do with clear-cut agenda that will benefit the people in various areas of occupation which will increase human development as future demands.

The followers of the business tycoon, Mc Naza also indicated that the MP will surely continue with his usual agenda in the constituency.

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They mentioned a recent scholarship package the legislature give to about eleven ladies who completed a Needle school of Decore as part of the MP’s continuous agenda for the people.

Following the current economic depression in Ghana, the people of East Ayawaso are doing everything to ensure the opposition NDC returns to power in 2020 to rescue the people from the Nana Akufo-Addo led NPP administration.

However, they anticipated this year’s primaries in the area would be tough, but the end shall surely justify the means, they posited.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh


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