Train strucked 45-year-old man to death, daughter survived.


A five-year-old girl has survived virtually unscathed after her father jumped in front of a train in New York while holding on to her.

According to the New York Times, the father, Fernando Balbuena-Flores, was struck by a train in the Bronx shortly before 8am in front of commuters.

The man has died on the scene while his daughter, Ferni Balbuena, suffered cuts and was taken to hospital where she was met by her mother.

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Mr Balbuena-Flores lived in an apartment block and his neighbour Leidy Martinez was on the platform and saw the tragic incident as it happened.

She told the New York Times: “When the train was approaching, oh my God, he took that girl and he jumped.”

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“She says ‘What happened to my daddy?’ I said ‘Don’t look at your daddy. Come to me. Crawl like a puppy,'” Mr Torres said.

“The only thing she was saying was ‘Papa, my papa,'” another witness said.

The girl survived because she reportedly fell flat in between the tracks and stayed there.

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Shams Tarek, Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman, said in a statement: “Our thoughts are with the family members as well as with our employees who responded.

However it not yet known what might have prompted the deceased to take hi life in such away.


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