Disaster beckons at life and property near Association International School at the airport residential area due to an excavation rightly in the middle of landed properties in the area.

Turkish investment firm, KASS+F, in the quest to build a 22-storey Shopping Mall, four underground, at such an area has succeeded in damaging the basement a number of houses and business establishments endangering several lives.

Some most affected properties are a referral hospital, four-storey apartment whose foundation is virtually destroyed and the Association International School which is collapsed threatened, compromising the security of pupils and teachers.

Worst of all, one of the major roads, Senchi Street, is presently caving in as a result of the excavation which has eaten deep beneath it causing irreparable crack, calling for a total reconstruction of the about one kilometre stretch.

Interestingly, such a project according to residents has no approval from the Ayawaso West Assembly, Urban Roads Department, EPA and relevant institutions. It took the presence of Westafrica24.com reporter, amidst residents’ agitation for the urban roads department to cordoned the place and prevent vehicles accessibility.

Head of the Association School, Mrs. Audrey Doryumu who was concerned about the health hazard and security of pupils expressed shock at the relevant agencies’ denial of knowledge about a project of such magnitude.

Mrs. Doryumu revealed that it was confirmed in court that the people do not even have a permit for the project, adding that they have informed their MP, who is yet to even visit the place.

Bowman Amoah, a resident who also spoke with Westafrica24.com was apprehensive of a huge hole on the damaged road as a result of the project which is a recipe for disaster.

He said per their checks, no geological survey, environmental impact assessment, soil test and other analysis were carried out before the project, promising that they will pursue the issue anywhere necessary and make sure the right thing is done before innocent lives are lost.

Mr. Amoah added that if the relevant agencies, and for that matter the state fails to act swiftly, they will be compelled to take the law into their own hands by hiring the services of armed land guards to stop the project from progress.

Westafrica24.com will keep eyes on subsequent developments regarding the project and update viewers accordingly.

By: Edward Tetteh


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