Two executives of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) have become the subject of jaw-dropping awe after they reported that some ghc50,000 that was recently donated to the Union has been spent.

According to Eric Guggisberg Asante, Financial Controller of NUGS, and Kobby Otchere, Head of Press and Information, the money was spent on an overseas trip to the UK by the two.

The revelation has left the rest of the NUGS executives, including President Tinkaro Osei, dumbfounded with surprise. It has also annoyed the Union’s General Secretary, Pius Yeboah, into writing to the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) to invite a probe.

Ghc40,000 of the money had been donated to the Union by the Ghana Gas Company barely three months ago when some of the executives paid a courtesy call on the company. The cheque covering the amount had been handed to Pius Yeboah, the General Secretary.

At the time of the donation, the Financial Controller was not in Accra, but away in Kumasi and so only got knowledge of the donation when the General Secretary posted a photocopy of the cheque on a WhatsApp platform for NUGS executives.

Mr. Guggisberg Asante, upon hearing the news, left whatever he was doing in Kumasi and hurried back to Accra. Arriving in the national capital after midnight, he beat a path to the General Secretary’s house and knocked on his door at about 1:23 am.

The Financial Controller then took delivery of the cheque and journeyed back to Kumasi after that.

Everybody thought the money was sitting safely in the accounts of NUGS as the Financial Controller and the Head of Press and Information traveled to the UK for what is believed to have been lavish holidaying.

As the rest of the NUGS Executives would be told later by Eric Guggisberg Asante however, that trip to the UK had been funded with the ghc40,000 Ghana Gas donation.

As if the revelation was not jaw-dropping enough, the Financial Controller and the Head of Press and Information also announced that a further ghc10,000 that had been donated to NUGS by the Office of Vice President, Mahamudu Bawumia has also been expended.

The revelation is said to have left NUGS President, Tinkaro Osei and the rest of the Union’s executives shocked out of their wits. The Union’s General Secretary, Pius Yeboah, is said to have written to EOCO asking that the matter be probed.


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