Two Nigerian men identified as Chigozie Pascal Aniagbado and Chijioke Chidioka Ogbuefi, met their untimely death after attempting to smuggle hard substance from Brazil to Ethiopia.

It was gathered that the deceased avoided being caught at the airport by swallowing the hard substance they smuggled.

The two men reportedly started feeling unwell after the hard substance burst in their stomachs.

Despite being placed on oxygen during the 12-hour flight, the drug mules died before an emergency landing could be conducted.

An eyewitness who claimed to have been seating between the dead men noted that one of the men began to act strangely after he started feeling unwell, he asked for water, food, and even drank olive oil.

The witness said the man revealed that the substance he ingested must have overstayed the speculated time. He started to shiver after drinking the olive oil and fell.

According to the witness, the doctors immediately came to his sided and started questioning him. The witness said he was treated and the two men were put under oxygen.


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