A clash between Gonjas and Mamprusis have left two dead and one reportedly injured at Lukuli in the North Gonja District of the Savannah region.

The clash, which occurred Thursday night, lasted for about 45 minutes residents say. Starr News sources indicate that Gonjas in the community want to construct a mosque but the Mamprusis resisted their decision.

The resistance by the Mamprusis resulted in a misunderstanding between the two groups leading to the killing of the two.

However, the police are yet to confirm the number of causalities.

Meanwhile, more police personnel have been deployed to the area to maintain peace.

The Gonjas and the Mamprusis in the Wasipe traditional area have been on each other’s necks for long. This is because; the Mamprusis have refused to be ruled by the chief enskinned by the paramount chief of the area, and rather want to have his or her ethnic chief.

Traditional authorities, however, would not understand their demand as it is not a normal practice by the Gonjas. Police personnel are deployed to the area to maintain peace and other.

Source: starrnews


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