Two persons have died after the drown in dams constructed under 1VID project.


Two persons are reported to have died in the Upper East Region after they drown in dams constructed under one village one dam project.

The incidents occurred on Monday July 29, 2019 in Zuarungu-Gono in the Bolgatanga East District and Ayopia in Bongo, both in the Upper East region.

The Assembly Member of the area Ateisiba Joseph said the deceased prior to his death had shown signs of instability and actions which suggested he was attempting to drown himself.

Narrating events leading to the death of Awiniboma, the Assembly Member said “The incident happened on Monday.

According to an eyewitness who was passing by saw him lying just by the edge of the dam. So the lady thought he was dead so she went and told her husband who came around and realised that the guy wasn’t dead. He asked the deceased why he was lying around there, then he got up and was rather moving into the water.

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Another person who was weeding around came and tried to pull him out of the water but he, the deceased attempted biting the man and that he should leave him”.

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He further indicated that attempts to prevent the deceased from drowning himself failed adding that “I’m suspecting witchcraft or something of a sort because the way he was crying and saying that some people want to kill him and as to who wants to kill him, we don’t know. The whole night before his death that was what he went through and by dawn that was what happened”.

Investigation into the matter is yet to begin.


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