/Unknown men in military uniform kidnapped owner of Citadel hospital in Accra.

Unknown men in military uniform kidnapped owner of Citadel hospital in Accra.

Some unknown men in military uniform have kidnapped the owner of Citadel hospital to unknown location.

Dr Fred MacPalm’s whereabout remains unknown to both staff and family almost 12 hours after he was whisked away in”Rambo style”.

A contingent of about 10 men clothed in Military uniform in 4 military jeeps stormed the Citadel Hospital at Alajo late Friday morning, Friday, September 20, 2019, in what appears to be a set up, according to our source.

“They searched the premises of the hospital and later went to where the Generator Set was located and picked up 5 locally manufactured guns,” said one of the staff.

“Prior to the search, the men seized all mobile phones belonging to nurses, staff and patients.

According to ghanaguardian source, the owner of the Hospital, Dr Fred MacPalm, waste handcuffed and taken away, ostensibly to conduct another search in his residence at Dodowa.

“One of the soldiers with the team, who appeared upset and unwilling, is said to have told one of the nurses ‘this is a clear set up’,” it said.

N”one knows the whereabouts of Dr Fred MacPalm as at now.”

Those who witnessed the incidents have already read political linkage into it.

Others are concerned that this could be a kidnap, since it doesn’t look like the team even had a search warrant.


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