/UNODC Proposes Amendment Of Criminal Acts

UNODC Proposes Amendment Of Criminal Acts

The Offices of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, has proposed the amendments of Acts to criminalize any corrupt activity of public and private office holders.

Acts such as bribery of foreign public officers and officers of public international organizations, bribery in the private sector, embezzlement of property in the private sector, concealment and illicit enrichment are currently before Parliament for amendment.

This was disclosed by the Deputy Commissioner of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, CHRAJ, Richard Quayson at the Opening of the Review of Ghana’s Implementation of Chapter two and Chapter five of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Accra.

The three-day meeting aims at bringing experts from South Sudan and Madagascar as well as the UNODC to dialogue on the review of United Nations Convention Against Corruption, UNCAC.

It also seeks to review the implementation of the Chapter two which is the Preventive Measures and Chapter five which is the Asset Recovery of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption also known as the Convention.

Ghana went through a similar exercise in the year 2015 when the focus of the review of the implementation of the Convention was on Chapters three and four which is Criminalization and Law Enforcement, and International Cooperation respectively.

The Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ, Richard Quayson stated that Ghana has already started implementing the recommendations of that review.

He reiterated that in December 2018, with the support from UNODC, the Commission adopted a road map for the implementation of the recommendations which has already started.

Mr. Quayson who is also the Chairman of Ghana’s Steering Committee said Ghana adopted the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan as the blue print for addressing corruption in the country.

He added the country has also enacted the Witness Protection Act, the Right to Information Act as well as amended the Companies Act to provide for beneficial ownership information and others that are pending before Parliament.

Mr. Quayson further stated that Ghana takes its international obligations under the Convention seriously.

According to him, in the first cycle review, Ghana reviewed Uganda, Central African Republic and in the second cycle, it also reviewed Indonesia and Algeria.

Mr. Quayson noted that apart from that, Ghana continues to participate in the Implementation Review Group and other meetings in relation to the Convention.

By: Paul Mamattah