(Video) 16 years old crashed his SUV as he was chased by police in Texas: US.


Police in the Texas state of the US have chased a 16 years old boy who later crashed his SUV he was driving, causing it to burst in flame in Houston.
Police say they were trying to pull over the vehicle when they spotted it going 80 miles per hour on the Southwest Freeway between Chimney Rock and Westpark.
Police followed the boy onto the Westpark Tollway, where he exited at Fondren.
The boy didn’t stop and ended up hitting a tree and a gas line as he plowed into the backyard of a home on Pinefield and S. Piney Point.
The SUV then burst into flames.

The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
SkyEye was over the backyard, where flames were shooting from the vehicle. Debris from the crash was scattered all over the yard.
In a separate accident, an officer hit a sign. The officer is okay.
Police say the people who live in the house were not home. They have been contacted about the crash

The occupants of the house were not available at the moment but were later told about the crash at their backyard.

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Watch the video below


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