VIDEO- Last moments of Lance Corporal Awal being transported on a motorbike to the hospital.

0 chanced on a video in which one of the slain police officers was transported to the hospital on a motorbike.

Reports gathered that at least five police officers were killed in line of duty between 30 July – 28 August.

In the sad video, the police officer can be seen moving helpless after the shooting before some residents move to his aid.
The shooting incident happened on Wednesday afternoon between the police and the assailants.

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The one who died on the spot with multiple shots has been identified as Sergeant Michael Dzamesi.
Sergeant Dzamesi after he was hit in the head, was said to have run into a nearby provision shop, ostensibly to take cover, but collapsed on entering the facility.

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The second officer who had gunshots at the lower pelvic and left side of the back died at the Police Hospital whilst he was being prepared for the theatre.
He has been identified as Lance Corporal Mohammed Awal, according to sources.

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It just so sad to see law enforcers died like this in line of duty. Watch the sad moment the officer was taken to hospital on a motobike



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