The internet have been flooded after video has gone viral on social media about how a bride begged the bridegroom not to call off their wedding on the day of the event in Asoroko area of Abuja-Nigeria.

In the said video the bride is seen kneeling down and begging the bridegroom profusely not to call off the wedding but the man insisted he was no longer interested in the solemnization.

Voices could be heard in the background shouting as the drama unfolded with the girl wailing and calling on the man not to disgrace her by calling of their big day.

A voice could be heard believed to be that of the groom’s mother telling his son that he warned him about the girl but he didn’t listen.

Other Facebook users also suggested that the girl apparently had told the bridegroom that she was a virgin and didn’t want them to have sex until after the wedding but found out the bride was three months pregnant on the morning of their wedding hence his decision to call of their big day.

Watch the video below;

Disappointment on Wedding 👰 day 😳😢What has the woman really done to deserve this disgrace 😳

Publiée par Face De Fact sur Lundi 9 septembre 2019


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