Nigerian popular dancer Eromose Ordia was on Sallah day arrested by policemen in plain uniform for dancing on a restricted street.

In a video which went viral, he can be seen as he was being malhandled and harrased by the policemen.

Eromose Ordia was said to be dancing and filming at a restricted location without having a permit. However he has since been released from police custody.

This lead Nigerian singer Yemi Alade to take to her social media handle to condemn the harassment.

This is her reaction.

This is Nigeria, Lagos state CMS police station Yesterday, My dancer @tomisin_tomtom was harassed for dancing on the streets by policemen not wearing uniform. What was his crime? dancing!!! Only in #NIGERIA that uniformed men will rather Prey on the innocent and protect the guilty.

Thankfully he was released yesterday but they have seized his phone.WHY? THEY SAID HE HAS TO COME AND SEE THEIR AREA COMMANDER THE NEXT DAY!! WHY?? WHY SUCH ABUSE OF POWER.

MAKING videos and taking pictures is not a crime in ALL civilised countries around the world. let’s make sure we share this video so our loved ones can be protected. Thank you @aleeygiwa and @taiyealiyu


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