[Video] – The man who abused a toddler for not standing receives public punishment.


Some few days back, social media was buzzing over a trending video of a man abusing a baby for his/her refusal to stand and walk.

The baby, from the video (unknown location) can be seen crying while the man was busy abusing and slapping the toddler.

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Following the viral video on social media, security agents were able to get the identity of the man and arrest him. In the recent video released on social, the man was seen receiving public beating from the security men.

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Some social media users react that the punishment indeed cause a total relief to them because they shed tears over the video in which he was abusing the toddler.


  1. The man is disgusting. And let’s be clear, that is not a toddler the child is an INFANT who will not stand on his own for a little while yet. That fact doesn’t make it less egregious, but it does show how really sick this a**hole is. Who was taking the video? They are culpable too.


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