A video has surfaced online which features two Ghanaian self acclaimed Evangelist exchanging blows with each other. The fight erupted after both quarreled over a space in Kumasi market to preach the world of God.

It is believed that one of the pastors always preach at that location but as he was late for work, the other pastor took it as an advantage and mount his speakers at the place to over shine the one who have been using their.

In the video which was cited by WestAfrica24.com, both can be seen arguing, and exchanging abusive words. The new pastor was initially calm but up to a point, he got annoyed and both engaged in a fist fight.

The two then began jabbing each other which resulted in hot exchange of blows.

They were later separated by some market women of whom some were shouting at them as their act in the market is barbaric.

Watch the video below.

Source: WestAfrica24.com


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