It is widely known that it is Mr. Eazi who helped put J. Dorobie at where he is today through his empawa program.

The poverty hitmaker has chocked many success including an endorsement deal with betpawa and many shows he is been billed on.

Now, his tune has changed as he now sing with lyrics described as explicit as suggested by his eye opener, Mr. Eazi.

Mr. Eazi in a video sighted by, was saying that the poverty hitmaker now sings using explicit words unlike the poverty tune all because he started making money.

Earleir, it has been reported on that Mr. Eazi reveals on his Twitter handle the amount of cash he (Mr. Eazi) invested in J. Borobie to make him the star he is today. can not confirm if there is a current fiasco between the two as it looks unfortunate for Mr. Eazi to took to twitter to inform his followers of the amount he pushed into J. Dorobie’s carrier.

Watch the video below;



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