Former Vice-chairman of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) Kwame Jantuah has expressed concerns over the judgment of the Supreme Court on the voter’s register case between the opposition NDC and the Electoral Commission.

A seven-member Supreme Court panel on Wednesday, June 25, disallowed the use of the old Voters’ ID card for the upcoming Voters’ registration exercise.

Commenting on the judgment, Mr Jantuah told Morning Starr the judgment has created more confusion in the country.

“I really thought that the court and this is my opinion, the court would look at putting the country first. Would look at the possible ramifications of the decision they make.

“Why is the reasons for the decision being made slated for July 15th, If the reasons they have given does not sit well with a huge percentage of the people, what does that mean? This can set a tinder box to ignite into fire”.

Deputy Youth Organiser for the NDC Edem Agbana who was also on the show reiterated his party’s disagreement with the ruling.

He said “in yesterday’s court ruling, the judgement was very ambiguous. Even the lawyer NDC, NPP lawyers in the court themselves and journalists were giving various interpretations to the ruling. I have read the opinion of many lawyers and many of them sought to disagree with what the court has said.”

“The NDC disagrees with the court ruling. We disagree with the verdict given by the judges. We are actually appalled that in a matter as critical as this, they give an ambiguous ruling and set 15th July as the date by which they’ll bring a reason.”

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