/We buried more than 16 babies in a church at Kasoa – Kidnapper reveals

We buried more than 16 babies in a church at Kasoa – Kidnapper reveals

To what has been one hectic and shocking revelation on radio program is none other than the one hosted by Nana Yaw Sarfo of Vision1 radio known as ‘Ghana Bɛyɛ yie’.

This is also the story of a kidnapper who has now given up on the work. Though not everyone will accept such wordings but believably on his part, he believes he is in the right place to reveal all the abominable acts he had committed because he is now a changed man.

Not only was he kidnapping children or people, but he was also helping bury kids in some churches for more people to troop into the church.

“There is one church which is well known in the country around Kasoa where we managed to bury 16 kids all with the aim of making people come there and also help the so called man of God to get powers. We get the babies from hospitals and we tend to pound them to make concoction for the people who needed power”.

The man has now given up this act and is willing to assist the police put a hold to such barbaric act.

He gave some clue of how they mostly do the kidnapping and the caution attached was for people to not trust easily especially if someone comes around and buys a lot of things but asks that the attendant should follow him, “the best option is to keep the things so that he brings money but just don’t go with him” he said.