The President of the Osudoku Traditional Council, Aadegbor Ngmogmowuya Kwasi Animle Vl, has reiterated calls on the government to give Osudoku a separate District and Constituency.

According to him, the Osudoku Traditional Area’s revenue resources have improved tremendously due to the influx of investors and economic activities, after they were disapproved of a request to the presidency seeking autonomy two years ago.

Speaking in an interview with at Osudoku, Aadegbor Ngmogmowuya Kwasi Animle Vl, hinted that, although it is just a few kilometres from the capital city, Accra, the Osudoku Traditional Area is pathetically the remotest and underdeveloped traditional area in the Greater Accra Region.

Enumerating some investments on the land currently, the Osudoku Traditional Council President believed that the area has stepped up its revenue generation and therefore reminded the government to grant them autonomy to stimulate the development of the area.

On education, Aadegbor Ngmogmowuya Kwesi Animle Vl said, with the expansion of the area and population which is churning out a lot of junior high school graduates, there is the need for a Senior High School to augment the intake of the Osudoku Senior High Technical School of JHS leavers.

He noted that students from several communities current cross the Volta Lake daily to access SHS in the Volta Region. This he added comes with a lot of risks resulting in tragedy sometimes.

By: Edmund Tetteh


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