/We will rain curses on anyone who lies against NDC- Sah Abraham.

We will rain curses on anyone who lies against NDC- Sah Abraham.

The Jaman North National Democratic Congress(NDC) Chairman, Sah Abraham has have warned that any politician who lies against the NDC for political gains will not walk a free man.

According to him, such politicians will have curses heaped on their heads for the wrongs done against the NDC.

The NDC party over a fortnight ago resorted to the ‘spiritual court’ for justice after some of its opponents told the residents that the NDC has purposed to stifle development in the area and has written a letter telling contractors not to construct Jaman North roads, lest the NDC loses the upcoming 2020 elections.

They’ve asked the dreaded gods of the area to deal ruthlessly with anyone who’s spreading such false propaganda against them to make the NDC unpopular.

Some critics find the move by the NDC executives very worrying as they contend the politicians are not teaching the younger generation good morals.

However, Chairman Sah Abraham in an interview with Kasapa News Bonohene Baffuor Awuah vehemently defended their action saying under the circumstance that’s the best option to take for justice to be served.

He added that the invocation of curses will remain part of Ghana’s politics so long as lies by political opponents don’t stop.

“If peddling of lies doesn’t stop in our politics, then invoking curses in our politics has also come to stay. My brother, you know that if you take a matter to court it may take about three years for the case to be decided. But by that time one would have started feeling the effect or impact of the lies that were peddled. If it’s trouble that the lies would cause you, you would have long suffered it before judgment is given on the matter in court. If it is a political power that the person wanted he would have had it a long time.”