Where Is NPP NASARA Club – Muslim Umma Quiz


The Muslim Umma in Ghana want to know Ken Ofori-Atta, the cousin of the president Akufo-Addo Minister of Finance if Ghana is no longer secular state.

They also inquired of the NPP NASARA Club if the Finance Minister usual tout that Ghana is Christian national is what they agree with.

Below is unedited full statement issued


There is an issue that calls for some attention among the larger Muslim umma but particularly the Nasara club of the ruling the New Patriotic Party, NPP.

When one of us (Muslims) was chosen as the Vice President and was sworn into office using the Quran it was a moment of excitement within the entire Ghanaian Muslim Umma because FINALLY the Quran had arrived at the seat of Government.

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The ruling party continues to tout it strong regards and respect for Muslims as against the opposition NDC. Be that as it may the current pontifications by no mean a figure than Ken Ofori Atta, the Minister of Finance and a brother to the President that Ghana is a Christian country cannot be allowed to go without comment.

When did the Constitution state that this country is religious. Secularism has been a cherished virtue that seeks to give vent to the element of freedom of worship and association.

Ken is seeking to justify why state land and cash should be used to construct a cathedral which to all intents and purposes is a move not grounded in logic.

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He and his ilk would quickly seek justification in the National Mosque at Kanda. The comparison is most despicable. The Kanda land was given in compensation by the Rawlings regime for the destruction of the Makola mosque which was a purely private and community venture by Muslims.

If Nasara club Muslims are conscious of their religion and how it dovetails into politics then they should be asking questions about our common identity within the polity called Ghana. Are we being told that our 1992 constitution no longer stands for a secular society?

Is that why Ken appeared at the Israeli knesset to state that Ghana was the Jerusalem equivalent in Africa? Was he aware that even Israeli is not a Christian country?

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My Nasara brothers this matter is not one of partisanship like some would want it to be. Have you asked yourself why despite our rate of high birthrate Muslims score low on the population census record over the period?

The import of this article is to let our Muslim Umma under the leadership of the National Chief imam, the National imam of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama , the Ameer of Ahmadiya and the Shite leaders as well as the Chairman of Nasara engage the President and seek clarification on this matter.
Barka DA Jumma!

Sheikh Bulala Ishaq
Adoagyiri Zongo


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