Who Are Going To Use Ghc100/Ghc 200 Notes


The Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement (DPM), Dr. Lawrence, based in USA wants to know who are going to use the new Ghc 100 and Ghc 200 notes Bank of Ghana just introduced.

He posed that “Ghanaians or the Organized Criminals? By the way, have we not been told that ECOWAS is going to use one currency by 2020/21 called Eco?”.

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In a statement he sent to National WestAfrica24.com, Dr. Lawrence asked why was the Vice President, Dr. Mahamoudu Bawumia pushing for paperless economy and Dr. Addison pushing for new bigger notes?

“…..isn’t this a product of a confused government, and how long will these new notes be in circulation and how much have been spent to print them, Ghanaians need to have answers to these questions”, he charged.

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DPM founder argued that Nana Akufo-Addo has never been a serious President.

Adding he posited, “Nana Addo is leading a walking-dead government. The countdown to its burial service starts from December 18, 2019 after Ghanaians have voted NO to the wasteful referendum”.

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“All he has been doing is traveling and making big speeches with no substance. He has never been in charge of his government. Ghanaians made a mistake by electing him President in 2016. Ghanaians should never make that mistake again”, he advised.

By: Edudzi A. Gator


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